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“Functional In Vitro Studies Of Buffy Coat Pooled Platelets Cryopreserved In Dimethyl-Sulphoxide With a New System”. - 55th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition New Orleans, LA, 7-10 December 2013

"A Biomechanical, Histological and TEM Analysis on the Effects of a Novel Cleaning Process in Ovine Patellar". - Tendon Grafts Orthopaedic Bioengineering Research Laboratory, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO – AlloSource, Centennial, Colorado – Department of Clinical Sciences, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO – AATB September 2009

"Human Amnion Tissue as an Anti-adhesion, Anti-inflammatory Barrier in an Ovine Laminectomy Model". -  AlloSource, Centennial, CO, USA – Colorado State University, Ft.Collins, CO, USA - 2009

"Risk Factors for Bacterial Contamination of Osteoarticular Allografts Collected from Cadaveric Donors". - Colorado State University, Animal Cancer Center, Fort Collins, CO, USA – AlloSource, Centennial , CO, USA – 2009

“Should the use of pathogen inactivated platelet concentrates be extended to 7 days? In vitro study on the quality of Platelets at 3, 5 and 7 days”. - Transfusion, Vol 49, N° 3S, September 2009 Supplement to Transfusion Abstract Presentations from AABB Annual Meeting and TXPO, New Orleans, 24-27 October 2009

“Evaluation of Coagulation Functions in photoinactivated Fresh Frozen Plasma”. - Transfusion, Vol 48, N° 2S September  2008 from Annual Meeting and TXPO AABB, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 4-7 October 2008

“Report of Four Years of Experience in Production and Clinical Efficacy of Pathogen-Inactivated Platelets”. - Transfusion, Vol 47, N° 3S September 2007 from Annual Meeting and TXPO AABB, Anaheim, CA, 20-23 October 2007

“Piastrine da aferesi versus pool di piastrine Patogeno inattivate: Studio clinico in pazienti di oncoematologia pediatrica”. - Atti del XIII Congresso Nazionale della Società Italiana di Emaferesi e Manipolazione Cellulare, Montesilvano (PE), 2-5 October 2007

“Clinical Study in Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Patients: Efficacy of Pathogen inactivated Buffy Coat Platelets Versus Aphaeresis Platelets”. - Transfusion, Vol. 46, No 9S, September 2006 Supplement from Annual Meeting and TXPO AABB, Miami Beach, FL, 21-24 October 2006

“Uso di pools di Piastrine da buffy coat sottoposti ad inattivazione dei Patogeni con tecnologia Helinx in Oncoematologia Pediatrica”. - Haematologica, The Hematology Journal, 2006; 91 (Supplement 4), XXXIII Congresso Nazionale AIEOP, Abano Terme, 22-24 October 2006

“Esperienza triennale nella produzione di concentrati piastrinici da pool di buffy coat sottoposti ad inattivazione dei Patogeni”. - Atti del XXXVII Convegno Nazionale di Studi di Medicina Trasfusionale, Paestum, 4-7 October 2006

“Optimization and implementation of the production of Phatogen Inactivated Platelets from buffy coat in our reality”. - Transfusion, Vol 45, N° 3S September 2005 from Annual Meeting and TXPO AABB, Seattle, 15-18 October 2005

“Controlli di qualità nei Concentrati Piastrinici da Pool di Buffy Coat sottoposti ad in attivazione dei Patogeni”. - Convegno Interregionale dei Servizi Trasfusionali del Centro-Sud, Roma, 5-7 May 2005

“Clinical trial of the use of Pathogen Inactivated Platelets, with Helinx Tecnology, in Cardio Paediatric Surgery and Cirrhotic patients”. - Transfusion, Vol 44, N° 9S September 2004 Annual Meeting and TXPO AABB, Baltimore, 23-26 October 2004

"Preparazione circuito per misurazione pressione endovescicale".   -   Online Ospedale Maggiore di Bologna

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